Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre (MAPRC)

A part from natural –product-derived modern medicines, natural products are also used directly in the pharmaceutical industry that is growing rapidly in Europe and North America, as well as in the traditional programmes all over the world. Sudan being the largest country in Africa, with four major geographical regions, diverse climates and varied natural resources responsible for its very rich flora. Research on medicinal and aromatic plants is carried out scattered and unstructured. We are here by want to construct working plan to fully utilize the Sudanese natural resources involving the high through put screening by Appling full automation and robotic programmes available here and there to gain the best results.

- to postgraduate students in center specializations
- To coordinates various research to create library and herbarium and establish repository that provides information pertaining to medicinal plants such as database of research and research findings
- To develop methods to formulate and prepare natural pharmaceuticals for the investigated plant candidates.
- To contribute to the discovery of new drugs
- To scientifically prove the efficacy and safety and to standardize herbal products quality
- To create academic relationships and partnerships between the center and other local and international centers and institutions.
- To participate in community service by increase the awareness related to the benefits and adverse effects of medicinal and aromatic plants.
- Participation in training and services.


"A world class institute, focused on scientific and clinical values of Sudanese natural products, in the service of humanity."

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre (MAPRC)


"To create a teaching, research and clinical portal for investigation the available ethnomedically valuable herbal products and for discovering new medicines of biological origin and/ or their synthesized analogues"

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre (MAPRC)

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