The Department of Pharmacology is one of five major departments at the Faculty of Pharmacy -University of Gezira. The different academic, technical and administrative activities of the Department are mainly concerned with teaching both basic and clinical pharmacological sciences as well as various up-to-date globally introduced disciplines and sub-specializations in pharmacology (including both theoretical and practical lectures and sessions). In addition, the department is involved in conducting novel and innovative research work for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. All the deep rooted and recently introduced disciplines in the department cover a broad range of teaching and research areas from: Clinical pharmacokinetics, identification and validation of drug targets, molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug action, disease-specific systems pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Drug discovery to evidence based medicine, molecular pharmacology, drug development and clinical trials, adverse drug reactions, toxicology and other related topics. The department acts on pursuing its vision, mission, and objectives through fulfillment of the aforementioned aspects through the work of a highly qualified and professional team of experts in the field of pharmacology.

- Qualifying pharmacists at the level of B.Pharm & postgraduate in pharmacology.
- Conducting and publishing high quality scientific research in pharmacology.
- Executing scientific research in the field of medicinal plants verifying falk use of medicinal plants.
- Active contribution in capacity building of health care providers.
- Active participation in community awareness of medication safety.
- Enhance local & global scientific correlations between the colledge and the academic research and industrial institutions.


"Continuous leadership, distinction and innovation in pharmacology teaching, scientific research, and community services."



"Supplying community with qualified graduate in pharmacology upon global criteria and to perform innovative research, providing professional community surfaces to upgrade the pharmaceutical care and prioritizing patient's centered care."


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