The Department of Pharmaceutics was established in 1994 as the same time with the establishment of the faculty, as a joint department, it includes: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Pharmacy Practice. The department now includes Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology. The department was headed by a number of faculty members: - Prof. Mergeni Abdel Rahman Yousif. (August 1994 - November 2011) - Dr.Hassab Elrasol Alfadel Hassan. (November 2011 - April 2015) -Dr.Sit Elbanat Yasseen Elssideeg (April 2015 - July 2017) -Dr. Mohammed Abdelrahman Mohammed Mohammed Salih

- Qualifying pharmacists at the level of B.Pharm & postgraduate in pharmaceutics and microbiology.
- Conducting and publishing high quality scientific research in pharmaceutics and microbiology
- Executing scientific research in the field of medicinal plants verifying falk use of medicinal plants.
- Active contribution in capacity building of health care providers.
- Active participation in community awareness of medication safety.
- Enhance local & global scientific correlations between the colledge and the academic research and industrial institutions.


"Continuous leadership, distinction and innovation in pharmaceutics and microbiology teaching, scientific research, and community services."



"Supplying community with qualified graduate in all pharmaceutics and microbiology upon global criteria and to perform innovative research, providing professional community surfaces to upgrade the pharmaceutical care and prioritizing patient's centered care."


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