Academic Advising Committee

According to the curriculum of the University, academic counseling is important in implementing of academic programmes and ensures the access of students an essential part of the regulations as a condition of up faculty and has greater weight in the academic burden.


Staff member Chairman
Academic advisor Members

Laboratories committee

The laboratories committee is concerned about the different laboratories in the faculty and it is responsible for the supply and maintenance of instruments and supply and storage of chemicals and training of the staff.


Staff member representative of each department and research center Members
Staff member Chiarman
Senior Technician for each laboratory Members

Graduation Projects Evaluation Committee

It is a committee specialized in the evaluation and follow-up of the graduation projects for the undergraduate students in all the stages of the research.


A Professor or Associate Professor Chairman
Registrar Member & Reporter
Two representatives of staff for each department Members

Information Committee

It is a committee concerned with photocopying and documenting all the activities and announcements of the faculty and electronic archiving to provide the website of the faculty on the university web page with the necessary information materials.


Faculty Dean Chiarman
Informatic representative Alternate Chiarman
Postgraduate studies coordinator Member
Student Supervisor Member
Representative of Department of Pharmacognosy Member
Representative of Department of Pharmaceutics Member
Representative of Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practicea Member
Representative of Department of Pharmacology Member
Representative of Department of Pharmacutical Chemistry Member
Representative of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre (MAPRC) Member
Chiarman of Academic Advising Committee Member
Registration & Examination Officer Member

Undergraduate Committee

It is one of the Standing Committees of the Faculty to consider the academic cases of undergraduate students


Faculty Dean Chairman
Deputy Dean Member
Registrar Member & Reporter
X-Registrar Member
Former Registrar Member
X- Dean Member
Former Dean Member

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